5 Social Super Bowl Predictions

Post by @natevegas

Charge your smartphones. Update your apps. The Super Bowl is coming right up, so here are a few things to watch for on one of the biggest social communication days of the year.

Prediction 1: Companies who invested in building sizable fan bases will effectively leverage the weight of their community into their Big Game ads. It’s already been reported that some of the biggest ads are involving socially-sourced results (Coke), fan photos (Toyota) and many more tactics. Most of these are big brands with very big communities. Super Sunday answers the question: “Why is it important to build a large, relevant base of fans & followers?” Simply put, to activate them when you need to make a big splash. Special event days like holidays, The Super Bowl, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all have the ability to be boosted by an enthusiastic social community, and these companies will prove that helping and engaging your fans all year long is a worthwhile value exchange.

Prediction 2: This year,TV ads will be scored in real time, in new ways. Sentiment is being measured by social metrics companies like Simply Measured, Radian6, Crimson Hexagon, and Topsy. These companies pay generously to have access to the Twitter “firehose,” and they’ll be catching a lot of hashtags and @mentions on Sunday in real-time. Community Managers everywhere will be logging in and checking stats on sentiment, mentions, and counting hashtags throughout the game.

Even the USA Today Ad Meter itself is socially integrated now. Users can register to vote through their Facebook page. The USA Today Ad Meter is the first-down marker by which many brands gauge success. If getting your message in front of 60 million viewers at the same time isn’t a big enough splash for you, of course. So, even if you’re not an official voter, be sure to tweet and Like your favorites. They won’t go uncounted, I assure you. Facebook had a little fun this week by geo-tracking the 35 million Americans who have Liked an NFL team. Isn’t big data fun?

Prediction 3: Someone will drop the ball. One, if not more, of the major Super Bowl Ad brands will fumble their huge investment. A company will undoubtedly get a Delay Of Game Penalty for slow customer service. Some will Punt on tracking engagement or ROI, and one-way advertisers will get Intercepted by a savvy two-way conversational brand. We can help with that.

Prediction 4: Whichever brand giant buys the promoted trend could spend $1M+ for it. It’s already been reported that Twitter hiked the daily rate for special event days (up from the normal $120K day rate). The high bidder will get thousands of clicks, and the fact that they bought it will be newsworthy in itself. Facebook will see some interesting targeted promotions as well, and I think it will be fun to see who pulls a reverse by utilizing Instagram and Pinterest.

Prediction 5: One of your friends will say “I’m not on Twitter” then ask you “What are they saying on Twitter” during the game. It’s likely that more people will be on Twitter and Facebook this Sunday than any other sporting event. Ever. I love watching sports with family and friends, but I always have Twitter nearby to see what the world is saying about that controversial call or a spectacular play. It’s one of the reasons that Twitter is the fastest growing social network right now. Sports and Twitter are like Chicken Wings & Blue Cheese Dressing. Or Chips and Salsa. Madden and Michaels? Montana & Rice? You get my (extra) point.

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