What is social media’s role in government aid?

Blog by @julieyeats Does Social Media have a place in government aid? Some say no, but during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina crisis, the U.S. government was heavily criticized for lack of leadership, mismanagement of resources, and a slow response to the flooding in New Orleans. Today, the government has the opportunity to use social media […]

Facebook Innovates the Gift-Giving Process

Post by @julieyeats Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while some couples will be celebrating in person with flowers and chocolate, others must settle on showing their affection from afar. Luckily, Facebook has streamlined this process with their new Gifting functionality. But it doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day – birthdays […]

Brands Beware! Don’t be Fooled by Hollow Followers

Post by @julieyeats Have you ever had a meaningful conversation with a robot? Other than some brief banter with Siri, (which really wasn’t all that meaningful) I can’t say that I have.  Most likely, you haven’t either. Robots, in the real world or ‘bots’ in the online world, typically aren’t the best conversationalists, nor can […]

Getting to the Elusive “Inbox Zero”

Post by @julieyeats Can I ask you a personal question? What’s your number? No…not that number, your inbox number! For the past few months, my personal inbox has been hovering consistently around 300. These aren’t just those “look at what’s on sale at the J.Crew outlet” emails. These are articles I’d like to read and […]

Learning Made Social

Post by @julieyeats If you’re anything like me, you spend a little bit of each day (or a lot of each day!) poking around online, catching up on news or searching for funny videos. While online, I always try to spend at least a few minutes reading articles about my industry and other things that […]