By now most of us can admit that we’ve tried an online dating service or “swiped right” in an attempt to find love. Let’s face it, finding love through the internet has become the norm. Most of these online dating services cost money, and serious daters are willing to invest their money in order to […]

A SUPER (Bowl) Social Snack

Hey snackers! We’ve got a special edition of Social Snacks for you – a SUPER SNACK, if you will. This week it’s all about Super Bowl XLIX. What brand campaigns took home the big win, and what brands missed a field goal? Grab some nachos and let Super Bowl Sunday live on all week long. Want […]

#Ferguson: A Social Revolution

It was Monday night, and I had just gotten home from an exceptionally long 13 hour day. I was prepped and ready to get cozy on my couch—in less than a second I had flipped off my shoes, and even quicker than that, I had grabbed a glass of wine. I had found my peace. […]

Not A TLDR Type? MEDIUM is for you!

As consumers take in more content daily than they ever have, there has been an arms race of sorts to make social engagement easier and simpler (see YO). While social platforms with limits like Snapchat, Twitter, and Vine continue to proliferate, where are users going for meatier pieces of content? Enter Medium. Twitter cofounder Ev […]

Big Brands: You Have The Floor. Now Give It To Your Audience.

Marketing has never been just about the brands themselves. And brands are finally starting to realize it. Forward-thinking marketers are doubling down on storytelling with campaigns that put humans in the driver’s seat, while actual products and logos sit in the back. At the end of September, Starbucks launched their first-ever brand campaign with a […]