Will Ferrell Played 10 MLB Positions for charity

What You Can Learn From #FerrellTakesTheField

On Thursday March 12, 2015, comedy icon Will Ferrell took the field – several, actually – in a stunt that flooded Major League Baseball fans’ social timelines. Here’s what you can learn from #FerrellTakesTheField to make your next social media activation an overwhelming success: 1. Be uniquely goofy. While we’ve seen celebrity guest ballplayers in the past, we’ve never seen one keep […]

A SUPER (Bowl) Social Snack

Hey snackers! We’ve got a special edition of Social Snacks for you – a SUPER SNACK, if you will. This week it’s all about Super Bowl XLIX. What brand campaigns took home the big win, and what brands missed a field goal? Grab some nachos and let Super Bowl Sunday live on all week long. Want […]

Let’s give ‘em something to tweet about

Not too long ago I was traveling with a friend on her birthday. Hoping to help her make the best of it – and for a my own personal amusement – I planned to coerce the flight attendants into announcing my friend’s special day over the PA system, and maybe even sing. The plan was […]

LPGA: Engaging Fans Virtually

By: Megan Porteous  LPGA commissioner Michael Whan has a goal: to give people the best possible fan experience in all of sports. If you’ve ever been to an LPGA tournament, it’s very easy to “see why it’s different out there” (which also happens to be their tag line). The players are accessible. They willingly interact with fans […]

Are we too dependent on our technology?

Post by Nate Ludens According to the Google search I just did, Voltaire said it first: With great power comes great responsibility. Usually we hear this quote from a Jedi, a title fighter, or a team that just won the Stanley Cup, but not this time. I’m aiming that quote right at you, Mr. or […]