Facebook Is Helping Brands Tap Into Video Views

Facebook has not just been creeping their way into the video game, they have stepped into the game like a fearless underdog with nothing to lose – in turn, they are winning. As if native autoplay video in the newsfeed wasn’t enough, Facebook wants marketers to be able to retarget the truly engaged. Advertisers now […]

Tumblr Tailors Platform for Writers

“Is Tumblr back from the dead?” I overheard someone ask that question in a meeting the other day. “I thought it was just a phase like Myspace.” To be honest, the answer is no. It’s not back from the dead, because it never died in the first place. The platform has over 420 million active […]

Who are you online?

We all have a personal brand. You, your mom, your 10 year old cousin, and yes, even your 90 year old grandma. So what does your personal brand look like online? Time to find out, and use it to your benefit. In this class, we’ll walk you through how to establish and develop your personal […]

Social Media vs. Public Relations

Before I joined Digital Royalty, I used to work at a Public Relations agency, so I’ve experienced both the PR side and social media side of advertising. Don’t get me wrong, social media and PR can (and should) work hand-in-hand for a campaign to be successful, but they’re very different areas of expertise. We often […]

Slow vs. Fast Media

Post by @AmyJoMartin When that cute, little blue twitter bird created the concept of 140 characters, we all (or at least I) took a sigh of relief. Yesssss. Quicker equals easier. More productive, right? Bring it. All. Day. Long. Fast-forward several years and everything became quicker, faster, more immediate, and then things became slightly . […]