Digital Royalty Turns Three!

It’s Digital Royalty’s third birthday! Years in the social media industry are like dog years, so that would technically make dR about 21 years old, right? At any rate, it’s been a wild and crazy ride for the entire dR team and industry in general, but without a doubt an enjoyable and growing experience for us all.

In honor of our anniversary, here’s an inside look at major accomplishments and milestones for Team dR. I know I speak for the entire team when I say that each of us could have dedicated an entire blog post to answer the following questions, but to prevent annoying scrolling on your part, here’s a snap shot:

Britt Johnson: 

  • Career highlight while at dR?: One my my greatest highlights came only a few weeks after I started working at dR during the Fast Five golden ticket hunt with The Rock. Being able to see fans receive personal phone calls from their hero was such a unique experience. It opened my eyes to the reach and impact of social media, but also how it can connect people in a very personal way.
  • How has the social media landscape has changed during your time at dR?:  Besides @JustinBieber growing from 9 million Twitter followers to 19 million, the major change in the last year is that brands are spending more and more on their social efforts. So much so that money is being allocated to digital staffing and social ad spend as opposed to traditional marketing tactics. It seems as though people are finally viewing social media as a necessity as opposed to a trend (Finally!).
  • Career highlight while at dR?: I’m always a bit taken aback when I’m able to help people for whom I have great respect. A few of those times stand out:  Helping Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid develop strategies to inspire his fans on Twitter, TIME writer Joel Stein half-jokingly challenging me to make his so-called mundane lifestyle (like his love affair with peanut butter coexisting with his child’s peanut allergy) worthy of social media, and helping up-and-coming stars on The X Factor USA utilize social media to make their dreams come true (and then getting to watch it happen.)
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: Age is irrelevant if you make it irrelevant. If you come into anything confident in your abilities, passionate about what you’re doing and tireless in your work ethic, no one cares if you’re 18 or 80. Results speak far louder than years. Do good work and good things will inherently come to you.
  • Career highlight while at dR?: Professionally: Being a part of the cultural shift at FOX Sports. The growth from the 2011 World Series, start of the NFL season to the Daytona 500. Good things to come for the FOX Sports crew. Personally: Meeting Terry Bradshaw (There is a LONG back story but I’ll spare you).
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: A day doesn’t go by where I don’t learn something that can’t be applied to my life and/or career. My lessons can be applied to both… I’ve learned to trust my gut, help other people reach their goals and to have confidence in every person I work with and for. I have a lot more, but figured I’d spare you.
  • Career highlight while at dR?:  I’ll never forget the night I was sitting at dinner with Amy Jo, brainstorming how to leverage Shaquille O’Neal’s move to the Boston Celtics. We came up with the concept that Shaq should ask his Twitter followers what his new nickname should be. So she sent him a text and he agreed to tweet. Minutes later, we look up at the TV in the bar and his tweet was being featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter. Talk about real-time.
  • How has the social media landscape has changed during your time at dR?:  Social media started when we started and has drastically changed by the day ever since. We were on a call with Facebook the other day talking about their ad platform and they wrapped the call by telling us, “we’ll give you a call in a day or so, because we know things will change by then.” Pretty standard.
  • Career highlight while at dR?: Attending my first in-person Digital Royalty University training sessions in August of last year with more than 100 FOX Sports employees. It was energizing explaining the impact that 140-characters can have on the sports world and watching people have an “ah-ha” moment.
  • How has the social media landscape has changed during your time at dR?: Twitter received an entirely new makeover since I first started at dR. The evolution of this one platform alone has impacted how I look at the social landscape in general. Adaptation is key!
  • Career highlight while at dR?: I’ve been fortunate to have countless incredible experiences during my two-years at dR. Besides having the opportunity to meet Matt Lauer at the Today Show (swoon!) and live on Tony Hsieh’s tour bus for three months, I think one of my greatest moments came last year when I completed the Digital Royalty University training program for the 250+ DoubleTree by Hilton properties around the world. Over the course of six weeks, I led 32 webinar training sessions for 500 employees on multiple social platforms. It was definitely a growing experience.
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: I’ve learned so many valuable lessons during my time at dR that I am truly grateful for. The main one that stands out to me is the importance of self confidence. It doesn’t matter what age or gender you are. Confidence is the best weapon you can arm yourself with. For most it doesn’t come easy and for me it’s a work-in-progress. Look at it this way, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to? When it’s go-time, you have to do whatever it takes to put on that game face and own it.
  • Career highlight while at dR?: I just started three weeks ago, so I anticipate many highlights to come. Thus far, getting to now work with the first person I ever followed on Twitter, @Diego_Dog, the company’s Chief Dog Officer.
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: Act now. From my experience, little comes to those who sit and wait, just do it. Whatever you are waiting for, the moment or opportunity will pass you by. The faster you fail the sooner you can figure out what works.
  • Career highlight while at dR?: I can’t say there is one specific event or person that I have met.  Only that after many years and many jobs, I truly feel appreciated and valued.  I have a sense of importance in someone else’s life and find rewarding satisfaction in helping facilitate the success of those around me. Even if that is simply and humbly getting them to where they need to be.
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: #1: Confidence. You are capable of just about anything. You just have to figure out how. #2: Kindness. Never under estimate the power of the smallest  gesture, a hug, a card. Maybe even a bag of Skittles. Lose the inhibitions or false ideas that you are not capable. YOU ARE!
  • Career highlight while at dR?: I think my career highlight at dR was honestly the phone call I got on a random Wednesday night from Amy Jo and Alana to be a part of the team. I’ve had a lot of amazing moments since then including chatting with LA Reid from The X Factor about Twitter, but for me personally that is still my stand out moment because it started this amazing journey.
  • How has the social media landscape has changed during your time at dR?: One way how the social media landscape has changed during my time at dR is obviously the Facebook Timeline pages. And I’m just gonna put this out there, I’m a lot like Facebook, I like to constantly reinvent myself and evolve, but I’m learning a lesson I hope Facebook does too. Sometimes it’s good to commit for a while.
  • Career highlight while at dR?: Definitely sleeping on my royal throne in the office. (And, when the humans accidentally drop food on the ground.) Life is all about being at the right place at the right time. Oh, and did I mention sleeping?
  • Career highlight while at dR?: The joy I feel while witnessing the individuals on my team grow is indescribable. It’s not just seeing them become more successful though. We’ve found that when passion, skill and purpose collide, happiness resides. My goal is to help others find that blissful collision and now I’m watching my team help others find theirs. Powerful.
  • How has the social media landscape has changed during your time at dR?: In the beginning, I viewed social channels as a stepping stone to eventually promote something. As a marketer by trade, social was a perfect way to naturally integrate brands into conversations versus interrupt the conversation. Then one night everything changed. Social media was something much bigger. Not only my outlook on social media changed but my outlook on life.
  • Career/Life lesson gained while at dR?: People are the most important part of business. It’s not what you do, it’s who you choose to work with. From team members to partners and clients, the people make all the difference in the world. Who you say ‘no’ to is just as important as who you say ‘yes’ to.
Cheers to many years and welcomed changes ahead.

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