Our Royal Purpose

It’s an epic day for Digital Royalty and you, our fellow renegades. Today, our online Digital Royalty University launches and our founder, Amy Jo Martin, releases her book, Renegades Write the RulesWe’re excited to start the next Renegade chapter of dR with you. Guns-a-blazin’. One of our core values here is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Millions of fellow renegades have been along for the ride for several years, so we are inviting you to join us now as we explore the next frontier. ‘Social media’ is simply a new form of communication that allows us to exchange value, and as a result we can accelerate the process or learning as well as the process of innovation. Our first class is free today.

The journey to this point has been wild, unconventional and inspiring. For the past four years we have studied and experimented with social communication channels alongside the largest brands, celebrities and sports entities in all of the land.

It started with Amy Jo’s curiosity, which turned into an idea, which became a quest to start and grow a company and now we are out to change the world by sharing our lessons so others can leapfrog our mistakes and snag those lessons.

Everyone has a voice and social communication is the ultimate equalizer. There are no boundaries. There are no rules. We get to write them! This equal opportunity space allows people to get a job quicker, accelerate their business growth, connect with loved ones and ? Yep. It’s our little secret to be kept between us renegades.

Not only do we want to educate other fellow renegades on the value of social media and innovation, we want to give back. For every Digital Royalty University class purchased, we are giving back a class to teachers though our partnership with Teach For America. This is our Buy One, Give One model inspired by TOMS Shoes. We are on a mission to help bridge the communication gap between parents, teachers/faculty and students. Studies show children learn better when parents are involved. Can you imagine if your high school teacher, principal and/or coach had access to you and your parents via social media channels? Well we are teaching them!

After recently relocating our company to Downtown Las Vegas, one of the lowest educationally ranked areas in the nation with graduation rates that hover around the fifty percent mark, it provided an opportunity to bring our growing company here and also give back to our new community.

We’re excited to share the next big chapter of Digital Royalty with you and we invite you to give Renegades Write the Rules a spin, expand your knowledge of social communication channels through our University, and innovate your business as well as your life. It’s possible. Trust us, we did it and continue to do so. Where passion, purpose and skill collide, Royal Bliss resides.

Welcome to #TeamRenegades. Hat tip to you for joining the ride. Saddle up.

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