Make the Most of Your Workday

It’s 9am and your workday is beginning. Where do you start? Catch up on the daily news? Check e-mails? Tackle a never-ending to-do list? All of these thoughts start to give you anxiety and it’s not even 9:01. Stop your worrying. Here are some organizational apps and tips to help make your day a little less […]

American Red Cross- Blood Donor App

Post by: Sara Farr As a devoted blood donor, I’ve always heard from many people about the trials and tribulations of donating blood. Did I schedule an appointment? What time is my appointment? Sometimes it just gets too easy to mix up. But starting today, those are thoughts of yesterday! Scheduling an appointment just got […]

What You Need To Know About Banjo App

Post by Sara Farr (@Rebel_702) Remember the days before DVRs? I do, and now it seems like a barbaric experience. I recall having to insert a VHS tape, rewinding or fast-forwarding it, while trying not to record over an episode of a show I previously taped. Much like our television habits have evolved, social media […]

6 apps to help navigate your city better

Post by Royal Intern, Danielle Frasier Do you ever feel that being in a new place is sometimes difficult to navigate?  Or are you a person who loves adventuring but just never knows where to start?  Even though I have lived in the bay area for 4 years, I still struggle with knowing what is […]

Meet Your New Go-To Travel Buddy

Post by Melissa Tuvell Is your phone attached to your hip like mine is? Do you have a love for travel like I do? If so, I have to share an app that I recently discovered called Jetpac City Guides. This might just be your new go-to travel buddy. Jetpac is a socially-savvy travel app […]