Digital Royalty Strategic Social Activations

Post by: Nate Ludens These strategic social activations are designed to enhance the overall fan experience, boost value exchange, and convert fans & followers from the virtual world to the physical world. UFC & Dana White Dana White Accidentally Tweeted his phone number to 4.3 Million fans and followers in 2010. Digital Royalty concepts the Social […]

How to deal with (and prevent) social crisis situations

Post by @ChelseaHartling A lot of times in crisis situations, companies will let their social accounts go dark rather than face the doomsday music sounding their name from the trending topics list. However, silence during a crisis is actually quite deafening in the social space. This kind of action (or rather, lack of action) sends […]

White Sox

A Powerful Collision of the Virtual and Physical Worlds

Post by: @AlanaGolob Myself and Nate Ludens were just in Chicago this past weekend for the White Sox’s annual SoxFest. My second SoxFest and Digital Royalty’s fourth to attend. During SoxFest thousands of fans get unique access to their favorite players and the entire White Sox organization through seminars, autograph sessions and so on. The […]

UFC President Reaches 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Tuesday night, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White officially crossed the 1 million follower threshold on Twitter. But how? And with what strategy? More importantly, so what? Although social networks have millions of users, in some cases hundreds of millions of users, there are actually less than 220 individuals or brands on Twitter who […]

Dana White Talks Twitter on Late Night

Tuesday night, UFC President Dana White was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Twitter was a natural topic of conversation between these two top tweeters. Dana described his recent Twitter Tag stunt in Montreal and shared his thoughts on how social media is a perfect tool for connecting with fans directly. How does […]