Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

We love our moms and we know you do too. BUT, don’t you sometimes wish you could put your mom’s social media usage on timeout? Us too. We’ve seen everything from accidental Facebook shares, to tweets that should be @replies. Hashtags? Don’t even bother! So, in honor of Mother’s Day and to show how much […]

Click, Tweet and Share

Post by Kathy Banez For anyone who loves social media and taking a lot of pictures, ex. me, Twitter is expanding its photo options, making it easier to click, tweet, and share. Twitter announced that they will be updating their photo options by allowing users to tag up to 10 people in a photo without using any of […]

Social in Sochi: Our Recap

Post by Katherine Banez This is the final entry in our series of posts about social communications and their role in the 2014 Winter Olympics. In case you didn’t see them, take a look at the Digital Royalty team’s social predictions, and picks for the best hashtags from Sochi, Russia.  The Most Memorable Social Media […]

Date Night in a Box

Post by Stephanie Caragan In lieu of the love in the air, I thought it was meant to be when I came across this Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) this week – where a single guy interviewed 100 couples across America to find out “how to have a successful long-term relationship (for himself) down the road.” […]

Keynote vs. Powerpoint

Blog by @leahroides At some point in our lives, whether at school, at work or even for personal reasons, we all have to give and make presentations.  So the question is, which application do you prefer, Keynote or PowerPoint?  Being a designer myself, there are many creative options that attract me to Keynote.  The options are […]