#SorryNotSorry: Why ‘Owning It’ is worth it

Admitting fault can be scary. It means admitting something went wrong, that a bad decision was made, or worse – admitting to yourself that the mistake could have been avoided. Taking your flaws and putting them out there (especially online), and drawing even more attention to them (Crap… It’s Viral/Trending/Top of Search), invites more criticism. […]

Digital Royalty Strategic Social Activations

Post by: Nate Ludens These strategic social activations are designed to enhance the overall fan experience, boost value exchange, and convert fans & followers from the virtual world to the physical world. UFC & Dana White Dana White Accidentally Tweeted his phone number to 4.3 Million fans and followers in 2010. Digital Royalty concepts the Social […]

‘Tis the Season for Social Campaigns

Blog by @erinneray ‘Tis the season where we are bombarded by brands and retailers wanting to make sure their product or service is on our shopping list… and we’re all game. Social Media has certainly been a game changer in shaping the way we compile and share our Christmas lists. From snapping pics and sharing […]

Customer Service in the Details

There are a few things that happen when stellar customer service goes viral. One of which is a social media opportunity that reaches millions in a matter of minutes without a dime of public relations or ad spend. This is what happened for the DoubleTree by Hilton Cocoa Beach property just 2-weeks ago. A father […]

Surveys Get Social with DoubleTree by Hilton

By Kirsten Stubbs Like eco-friendly light bulbs and stocking up on economy sized packages of paper towels at Costco, even before social media can make you money, they can inherently save you money. And when it comes to market research, social surveying can save brands time and money with significant and valid results from a substantial sample […]