Hey Graduates! How Does Your Personal Brand Look?

Post by Sara Farr This week Digital Royalty’s very own Nate Ludens gave priceless advice to a group of advertising and PR students at UNLV. It was similar to the speech he gave to my class last year, which helped to translate my dream of working with social media from merely dreams to a reality. As […]

Help My Mom!

We love our moms and we know you do too. BUT, don’t you sometimes wish you could put your mom’s social media usage on timeout? Us too. We’ve seen everything from accidental Facebook shares, to tweets that should be @replies. Hashtags? Don’t even bother! So, in honor of Mother’s Day and to show how much […]

Retailers are Stepping Up Their Social Game

Post by Alana Golob With the approaching holiday season, retailers are really stepping up their game within the social space. With more than 1 billion users on Facebook and Twitter alone, it’s imperative for retailers to innovate their approach to driving point of sales and standout in the sea of sameness. The following platforms have […]

New Division: Digital Royalty Human Resources (dRHR)

By Alana Golob It’s official. Social media isn’t a fad, one billion have spoken. Social media has seen a surge with its now 800 million people on Facebook and 250 million users on Twitter. For brands, this has meant immediate adoption of Social Media 2.0 and the need for more than just a mere presence […]

Google+ Makes Strides with New Brand Pages

By Alana Golob Although the fate of Google+ and its 40 million users may be unknown, the platform has been making big (and quick) strides this week with the roll-out of the new Google+ Brand pages. Similar to Facebook, Google+ Brand pages allows brands to develop pages to publish content including photos, videos and links. […]