Social Snacks – Episode 10

It’s our 10th episode of Social Snacks, and we’ve got a special segment for you this week! Sit back and enjoy our top 10 list of updates, stats, and things you need to know in the world of social media. Snapchat? Check. Instagram? You bet. Tinder?? Say whaaaaaat! Don’t blink, because there’s even a celebrity guest […]

A Google Game-Changer

Post by @AlanaGolob Over the past couple of years technology has continued to shape how students process information and learn about new subject matters. It’s even impacted our business model with the evolution of our online education platform, Digital Royalty University, which has allowed us to scale our content to brands and individuals around the […]

What You Need To Know About Banjo App

Post by Sara Farr (@Rebel_702) Remember the days before DVRs? I do, and now it seems like a barbaric experience. I recall having to insert a VHS tape, rewinding or fast-forwarding it, while trying not to record over an episode of a show I previously taped. Much like our television habits have evolved, social media […]

Fail Early and Often (then celebrate)

By: Amy Jo Martin I’ve become a professional student of failure. I figure the better students of failure we become, the more successful we’ll become. Here are a few notes I’ve taken while getting schooled: Failure is not a stigma; it’s a badge of honor. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Gopi Kallayil, […]

Google+ Makes Strides with New Brand Pages

By Alana Golob Although the fate of Google+ and its 40 million users may be unknown, the platform has been making big (and quick) strides this week with the roll-out of the new Google+ Brand pages. Similar to Facebook, Google+ Brand pages allows brands to develop pages to publish content including photos, videos and links. […]