You get an ad!

On this week’s episode of Social Snacks, we learn about where the majority of millennials are getting their news, Instagram’s new ad platform for businesses, and a Twitter video trick!

Social Snacks – Episode 14

What’s new in the world of social media this week? Videos are going vertical, emojis can now be hashtags (say whaaaat?!), and an important tool on Facebook that will change communication during natural disasters and crisis situations. Check it out on this week’s episode of Social Snacks!

Social Snacks, Episode 12

This week we dive into some new updates from Tumblr, Lord & Taylor’s new Instagram campaign, and John and Chelsea go head to head with Meerkat and Periscope!

Social Snacks – Episode 10

It’s our 10th episode of Social Snacks, and we’ve got a special segment for you this week! Sit back and enjoy our top 10 list of updates, stats, and things you need to know in the world of social media. Snapchat? Check. Instagram? You bet. Tinder?? Say whaaaaaat! Don’t blink, because there’s even a celebrity guest […]

Social Snacks, Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Social Snacks, a new minute and forty second web series from your friends at Digital Royalty. This week we’re chatting about new updates from Facebook and Twitter for marketers to capitalize on during the upcoming holiday season, President Barack Obama’s stance on net neutrality, and exciting updates from Instagram. […]