Digital Royalty Turns Three!

It’s Digital Royalty’s third birthday! Years in the social media industry are like dog years, so that would technically make dR about 21 years old, right? At any rate, it’s been a wild and crazy ride for the entire dR team and industry in general, but without a doubt an enjoyable and growing experience for us […]

Give NASCAR A Chance

By: Amy Martin We tend to dislike what we don’t know. Many people don’t understand, or better yet “get,” NASCAR. Whether it’s a factor of the old points system (which just changed) or pure lack of exposure, many people make fun of the so-called “monotonous day of left turns and mullets.” I took a trip […]

Social Media’s Super Bowl

So, the Mashable Awards are like the Super Bowl of social media. Well . . . kinda. South by Southwest and a few other events are also right up there. Anyway, I was invited to attend the awards last night and if you didn’t see the live stream . . . below were the highlights, […]

The Business of Humanity

By: Amy Jo Martin This was one of the most impactful moments of my life. I realized social media can allow us to accelerate the act of kindness. I was on the elliptical, perusing twitter on my iPad to pass the time, when the news broke about the earthquake in Japan. Twitter was instantly inundated […]

Geo-Targeting on Facebook

If you’re in California looking to buy a new purple unicorn and the national company that you like who sells purple unicorns posts a special Facebook offer at their stores in New York, what happens? You become an annoyed purple-unicorn-less Californian. Geo-targeting is a helpful tool available on Facebook Pages. With a few simple clicks, […]