The puck has dropped, and the games have begun. On February 10th, 2015, businessman Bill Foley, President of Hockey Vision Las Vegas, and community leaders held a press conference announcing the launch of a season ticket drive to demonstrate whether or not Las Vegas has interest in supporting an NHL team. The #VegasWantsHockey campaign has been […]

Make the Most of Your Workday

It’s 9am and your workday is beginning. Where do you start? Catch up on the daily news? Check e-mails? Tackle a never-ending to-do list? All of these thoughts start to give you anxiety and it’s not even 9:01. Stop your worrying. Here are some organizational apps and tips to help make your day a little less […]

Cheers to 5 Years and Many Lessons

By: Amy Jo Martin Digital Royalty just turned five! In social years, which is like dog years, that’s more like 35 years old. As we approach our 5th anniversary as entrepreneurs, we realize there are some things that we wish we knew back then that we (kind of) know now when it comes to entrepreneurship: […]

What You Need To Know About Banjo App

Post by Sara Farr (@Rebel_702) Remember the days before DVRs? I do, and now it seems like a barbaric experience. I recall having to insert a VHS tape, rewinding or fast-forwarding it, while trying not to record over an episode of a show I previously taped. Much like our television habits have evolved, social media […]

The #RoyalBaby Watch

Post by @AlanaGolob Chances are you heard about the Royal Baby who was born yesterday. Today the world has their eyes glued on their twitter and facebook feeds to catch the first glimpse of the new addition to the British throne. And here it is! At Digital Royalty, listening is one of our favorite pastimes and thanks […]