Social Snacks, Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Social Snacks, a new minute and forty second web series from your friends at Digital Royalty. This week we’re chatting about new updates from Facebook and Twitter for marketers to capitalize on during the upcoming holiday season, President Barack Obama’s stance on net neutrality, and exciting updates from Instagram. […]

The New Wave of Marketing in the Music Industry

If you drop an album and it hasn’t been advertised traditionally, will anyone notice? Turns out, they will. Welcome to the new wave of advertising in the music industry, where traditional methods are a footnote to the millennial generation’s impulsive purchasing habits. It started when iTunes shifted how music was consumed by basically making CDs a […]

Simple ways to maximize your LinkedIn presence

  Megan Porteous shares a few easy ways to maximize your LinkedIn presence below. If the world of social media were an elementary school, LinkedIn would be one of the most misunderstood kids on the social media jungle gym. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network but yet many people don’t scratch the surface on […]

Surveys Get Social with DoubleTree by Hilton

By Kirsten Stubbs Like eco-friendly light bulbs and stocking up on economy sized packages of paper towels at Costco, even before social media can make you money, they can inherently save you money. And when it comes to market research, social surveying can save brands time and money with significant and valid results from a substantial sample […]

Why Facebook Deserves a Jump High-Five

By: Kirsten Stubbs Eight years ago MySpace was THE social networking site. I remember joining the website and unknowingly falling in love with a career field that didn’t yet exist. I spent hours branding my profile with self-taught HTML and micro-blogging before I knew what those terms meant. I also remember the obnoxious genesis of […]