Our Royal Purpose

It’s an epic day for Digital Royalty and you, our fellow renegades. Today, our online Digital Royalty University launches and our founder, Amy Jo Martin, releases her book, Renegades Write the Rules. We’re excited to start the next Renegade chapter of dR with you. Guns-a-blazin’. One of our core values here is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” […]

Social TV: Dialogue vs. Monologue

By: Amy Jo Martin The Social TV entertainment offering is only limited by our imagination. Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson turned the trending tables on national TV and dictated worldwide trending topics. During a live broadcast, he declared that certain phrases would trend instantly. Within minutes, they did. Dwayne Johnson instantly bumped the live broadcast into the #1 Social […]

Digital Royalty Turns Three!

It’s Digital Royalty’s third birthday! Years in the social media industry are like dog years, so that would technically make dR about 21 years old, right? At any rate, it’s been a wild and crazy ride for the entire dR team and industry in general, but without a doubt an enjoyable and growing experience for us […]

Day 2: South by Southwest Update

From the “Delivering Happiness” Bus, to Digital Royalty’s Sports Summit, Digital Royalty founder Amy Martin gives an update on tonight’s schedule of events at SxSW from the Social Media Clubhouse on Lake Austin.

Give NASCAR A Chance

By: Amy Martin We tend to dislike what we don’t know. Many people don’t understand, or better yet “get,” NASCAR. Whether it’s a factor of the old points system (which just changed) or pure lack of exposure, many people make fun of the so-called “monotonous day of left turns and mullets.” I took a trip […]