Slow vs. Fast Media

Post by @AmyJoMartin When that cute, little blue twitter bird created the concept of 140 characters, we all (or at least I) took a sigh of relief. Yesssss. Quicker equals easier. More productive, right? Bring it. All. Day. Long. Fast-forward several years and everything became quicker, faster, more immediate, and then things became slightly . […]

Why it’s Important for Amateur Athletes to Use Social Media

Post by Stanford University Senior and Royal Intern, Danielle Frasier If you are as sports crazed as I am, you probably already follow your favorite athletes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Not only because they are good at what they do, but by following them on these social media platforms you can gain insight into […]

Social TV: Dialogue vs. Monologue

By: Amy Jo Martin The Social TV entertainment offering is only limited by our imagination. Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson turned the trending tables on national TV and dictated worldwide trending topics. During a live broadcast, he declared that certain phrases would trend instantly. Within minutes, they did. Dwayne Johnson instantly bumped the live broadcast into the #1 Social […]

Social Media Trends To Look For

      Digital Royalty Founder and CEO, Amy Jo Martin, was recently interviewed by TechCrunch to provide insight on the 2012 social media landscape. Article written by Joseph Puopolo: In 2011, social media had its share of growing pains. Large brands and corporations took to social media in force to try to find footing in this […]