Will Ferrell Played 10 MLB Positions for charity

What You Can Learn From #FerrellTakesTheField

On Thursday March 12, 2015, comedy icon Will Ferrell took the field – several, actually – in a stunt that flooded Major League Baseball fans’ social timelines. Here’s what you can learn from #FerrellTakesTheField to make your next social media activation an overwhelming success: 1. Be uniquely goofy. While we’ve seen celebrity guest ballplayers in the past, we’ve never seen one keep […]

How To Find The Perfect Social Software

We joke sometimes in the Digital Royalty office about “The Perfect Social Media Software.” The joke usually goes along the lines of Sasquatch, Snipe Hunting, Cow Tipping or the Loch Ness Monster. Though there are very nice sales representatives up and down our inboxes claiming it exists – nobody’s ever actually seen it. To be clear: […]

Are we too dependent on our technology?

Post by Nate Ludens According to the Google search I just did, Voltaire said it first: With great power comes great responsibility. Usually we hear this quote from a Jedi, a title fighter, or a team that just won the Stanley Cup, but not this time. I’m aiming that quote right at you, Mr. or […]

Hey Graduates! How Does Your Personal Brand Look?

Post by Sara Farr This week Digital Royalty’s very own Nate Ludens gave priceless advice to a group of advertising and PR students at UNLV. It was similar to the speech he gave to my class last year, which helped to translate my dream of working with social media from merely dreams to a reality. As […]

The Government is Listening… and That’s a Good Thing

Post by Nate Ludens It stands to reason that the biggest and oldest organizations adapt the slowest. Sometimes it’s a matter of scale, sometimes tradition, sometimes all that’s missing is effort. Government, for example, has layers of bureaucracy that can sometimes grind things to a halt – or at least a slow crawl. I’m here […]