Fail Early and Often (then celebrate)

By: Amy Jo Martin I’ve become a professional student of failure. I figure the better students of failure we become, the more successful we’ll become. Here are a few notes I’ve taken while getting schooled: Failure is not a stigma; it’s a badge of honor. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Gopi Kallayil, […]

Our Royal Purpose

It’s an epic day for Digital Royalty and you, our fellow renegades. Today, our online Digital Royalty University launches and our founder, Amy Jo Martin, releases her book, Renegades Write the Rules. We’re excited to start the next Renegade chapter of dR with you. Guns-a-blazin’. One of our core values here is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” […]

Shauna Harrison

I Am A Renegade: Shauna Harrison

At Digital Royalty we’re constantly inspired by hearing your stories of how you’re coloring outside the lines and innovating the way things have always been done. We’re all about designing our own days, finding our Royal Bliss and sharing it with others. After all, where passion, purpose and skill collide, bliss resides. As we continue […]

Social Media Best Practices: 8 Royal Rules

If you already own “Renegades Write The Rules” by our founder and CEO, Amy Jo Martin, you probably have these 8 Royal Rules (Social Media Best Practices) down pat. Congrats! You’re already off and running with a solid strategy. You’re probably humanizing and monetizing your brand, and this post may serve you as a great […]