Digital Royalty Strategic Social Activations

Post by: Nate Ludens These strategic social activations are designed to enhance the overall fan experience, boost value exchange, and convert fans & followers from the virtual world to the physical world. UFC & Dana White Dana White Accidentally Tweeted his phone number to 4.3 Million fans and followers in 2010. Digital Royalty concepts the Social […]

Providing A Unique Value Exchange Through Social

Post by @AlanaGolob We’ve always been huge advocates of finding creative ways to help our partners humanize their brands and grant unique access for fans, whether through Random Acts of Shaqiness, #RockTalk or the White Sox #SoxPhone. As the social platforms continue to evolve, their new product offerings allow brands to get creative with accessibility and […]

When I Grow Up, I Want to be Mayor of the Picnic Table

Picture this. Six months ago I’m sitting in a crowd of several hundred people as I work on my laptop during an athlete Q&A session with fans. All of a sudden I receive a public message on Twitter with a photo attached, asking if it was @DigitalRoyalty (me) in the photo.  It was. The photo had […]

Case Study: Shaquille O’Neal, Random Acts of Shaqness

Background: A fan had been tweeting under Shaquille O’Neal’s name on Twitter, yet because this was occurring prior to Twitter’s rollout of a verification process for celebrities, Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t publicly disprove the credibility of his impostor. Not only that, but if Shaquille O’Neal did create an account on Twitter, how would he humanize his […]

Random Acts of Shaqness

In the 160-character bio on Shaquille O’Neal’s Twitter lies the six-world phrase ‘I perform Random Acts of Shaqness.’ Eighty-nine thousand, seven hundred results are yielded in a simple Google search of ‘Random Acts of Shaqness.’ But what exactly are Random Acts of Shaqness? And how did they originate? It was one day with client Shaquille […]