Social Snacks – Episode 9

On this week’s episode of Social Snacks, we’re chatting about YouTube’s new app for kids, two major updates from Facebook, and how Foursquare continues to tweak their platform for optimal user experience. Grab your popcorn and enjoy. Want to partner with dR and the gang?


Social Snacks, Episode 8

On this week’s episode of Social Snacks we’re chatting about Facebook’s partnership with Internet.org, Imgur’s special 6th birthday plans, and how to upload photos to Snapchat directly from your camera roll. Hungry for some social goodness? Have a snack, on us. Want to partner with dR and the gang?

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Real-Time Marketing at the GRAMMYs

The best things always come around unexpectedly. That’s the beauty of real-time marketing. You can plan for months around a partnership, but the most memorable moments usually happen when you least expect it – on the fly. You can’t tell your audience when to pay attention; they tell you. Real-time marketing doesn’t come from planned […]



The puck has dropped, and the games have begun. On February 10th, 2015, businessman Bill Foley, President of Hockey Vision Las Vegas, and community leaders held a press conference announcing the launch of a season ticket drive to demonstrate whether or not Las Vegas has interest in supporting an NHL team. The #VegasWantsHockey campaign has been […]


Facebook Is Helping Brands Tap Into Video Views

Facebook has not just been creeping their way into the video game, they have stepped into the game like a fearless underdog with nothing to lose – in turn, they are winning. As if native autoplay video in the newsfeed wasn’t enough, Facebook wants marketers to be able to retarget the truly engaged. Advertisers now […]