Big Brands: You Have The Floor. Now Give It To Your Audience.

Marketing has never been just about the brands themselves. And brands are finally starting to realize it. Forward-thinking marketers are doubling down on storytelling with campaigns that put humans in the driver’s seat, while actual products and logos sit in the back. At the end of September, Starbucks launched their first-ever brand campaign with a […]


Hello Ello )

There’s a new kid on the social block and his name is Ello. The current version of the social network launched in April, but was privately used for the last year by a small group of only about 100 artists and designers. Invitations were opened up beyond this initial 100 in May. And then this […]


Facebook Mentions

Social media – it’s more like the telephone and less like the TV. Meaning, it’s place for two-way dialog between people, brands, and public figures to take place. A large volume of this exchange is taking place on Twitter – it’s just naturally more conversational. When Twitter was in it’s infancy and celebrities started utilizing […]


How are consumers ‘feline’ about your brand?

What do you get when you mix two parts cat gifs, and one part fan fiction? Well, Tumblr, naturally. But this platform is now offering more than just laughable gifs and high-resolution photos of nebulas. The Internet is constantly bombarded with photos—brand logos included. Just today, right meow, there are 114+ million posts uploaded to […]


Be fast – but not too fast.

A Pound Sign. The Hashtag. It serves multiple purposes like increasing awareness for brand campaigns, topics, and hubs conversations together during major events. Hashtags are a powerful tool for both small and large companies to drive awareness and jump in and out of relevant conversations on a daily basis. But what happens when a brand takes […]