Social Snacks, Episode 12

This week we dive into some new updates from Tumblr, Lord & Taylor’s new Instagram campaign, and John and Chelsea go head to head with Meerkat and Periscope!

Social Snacks, Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Social Snacks, a new minute and forty second web series from your friends at Digital Royalty. This week we’re chatting about new updates from Facebook and Twitter for marketers to capitalize on during the upcoming holiday season, President Barack Obama’s stance on net neutrality, and exciting updates from Instagram. […]

How To Find The Perfect Social Software

We joke sometimes in the Digital Royalty office about “The Perfect Social Media Software.” The joke usually goes along the lines of Sasquatch, Snipe Hunting, Cow Tipping or the Loch Ness Monster. Though there are very nice sales representatives up and down our inboxes claiming it exists – nobody’s ever actually seen it. To be clear: […]

All eyes on Twitter in the race to the White House

Blog by @chelseahartling Three weeks ago what did Big Bird, Binders Full of Women, and the Presidential candidates have in common? Not much. Today? They all have their own twitter handles. Social media gives us a new way to witness and participate in vibrant political dialogue and at Digital Royalty, we acknowledge that social media […]