Digital Royalty News: Hanging up the Crown

Where passion, purpose and skill collide, happiness resides. This intersection is constantly evolving and changing as we take our journey through life. It’s up to us to acknowledge when there is a need for change and act on that change. Today I’m announcing that after six solid years, Digital Royalty will be winding down in the near future […]

Digital Royalty Strategic Social Activations

Post by: Nate Ludens These strategic social activations are designed to enhance the overall fan experience, boost value exchange, and convert fans & followers from the virtual world to the physical world. UFC & Dana White Dana White Accidentally Tweeted his phone number to 4.3 Million fans and followers in 2010. Digital Royalty concepts the Social […]

Our Royal Purpose

It’s an epic day for Digital Royalty and you, our fellow renegades. Today, our online Digital Royalty University launches and our founder, Amy Jo Martin, releases her book, Renegades Write the Rules. We’re excited to start the next Renegade chapter of dR with you. Guns-a-blazin’. One of our core values here is “Teamwork makes the dream work.” […]

A Royal Announcement

First they were mentors, then friends, eventually clients and now our business partners. Today we announced a unique partnership with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and Baron Davis, NBA New York Knicks point guard. (More info on the investment news in today’s Mashable article.)  My team and I couldn’t be more excited about the like-minded people […]

Personality Pays Off For Zappos

Post by @natevegas This week, our good friends across the street at Zappos didn’t just cleverly react to a podcast interview smack-down from Kanye West, they took an opportunity to spotlight their fun, helpful and – in this case – hilarious personality. If you were on a plane with no wifi all day Wednesday and […]