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Real-Time Marketing at the GRAMMYs

The best things always come around unexpectedly. That’s the beauty of real-time marketing. You can plan for months around a partnership, but the most memorable moments usually happen when you least expect it – on the fly. You can’t tell your audience when to pay attention; they tell you. Real-time marketing doesn’t come from planned […]


Social Snacks, Episode 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of Social Snacks, a new 1:40 web series from your friends at Digital Royalty. This week we’re chatting about YouTube’s new .gif creation tool, Liam Neeson and LinkedIn, and a new tool on Twitter for quickly promoting your posts. Hungry for some social goodness? Have a snack, on us. Want […]

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#Ferguson: A Social Revolution

It was Monday night, and I had just gotten home from an exceptionally long 13 hour day. I was prepped and ready to get cozy on my couch—in less than a second I had flipped off my shoes, and even quicker than that, I had grabbed a glass of wine. I had found my peace. […]

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Starts at the Top

In a time when consumers don’t hesitate to turn to social to voice their opinions, brands have a greater responsibility now more than ever, to properly educate their employees on what is acceptable or not acceptable when representing their organization. An even greater responsibility lies on those within senior leadership to also have an online presence. […]

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Have a Holly Jolly Online Shopping Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, it can mean only one thing: online shopping! Did you know there’s a projected $650 billion dollars to be spent this holiday season? This year, marketers are spending more on social media than last year to drive people to buy in stores and online. This is a smart move because social […]