Pro Athletes & Social Media Training

Athletes and Social Media. It’s a hot topic. Traditional professional sports leagues have recently published their social media rule books which, in some cases, have earned new fan-assigned nicknames like No Fun League. But contrary to the direction of their ‘No Fun League’ counterparts, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a Digital Royalty (dR) client, has […]

Case Study: UFC 104 & 106 Contests

Background: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a global mixed martial arts sports organization. Digital Royalty (dR) concepted and promoted various events leading up to UFC 104 in Los Angeles and UFC 106 in Las Vegas. Events that were scheduled leading up to UFC 104 and 106 events included twitter-centric scavenger hunts and autograph sessions with […]

UFC President Reaches 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Tuesday night, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White officially crossed the 1 million follower threshold on Twitter. But how? And with what strategy? More importantly, so what? Although social networks have millions of users, in some cases hundreds of millions of users, there are actually less than 220 individuals or brands on Twitter who […]

UFC and LA Kings Keeping It Trendy Worldwide

You may have noticed some virtual jump high-fives between the Digital Royalty team this past Saturday. We were excited and here’s why. Digital Royalty concepted and implemented the first-ever National Hockey League Hashtag Battle between the Los Angeles Kings and the Colorado Avalanche. The goal for the night was to raise money for the Children’s […]