UFC “Likes” Facebook Fans

By Kirsten Stubbs

If you “like” Ultimate Fighting Championship on Facebook, get ready to like it like it even more.

Digital Royalty is excited to be a part of yet another bold UFC social media move. The company just announced that it will air two prelim fights exclusively on Facebook, as part of UFC Fight For The Troops 2 this Saturday, January 22. By simply “liking” UFC’s Facebook page, fans will gain free access to the live stream of the fights.

This broadcast marks a pivotal change in sports media – the first large-scale sporting event viewable solely on Facebook.

UFC President Dana White explained, “Facebook is such a great tool for people to stay connected and we’re excited to put two live fights on our UFC page for free.”

Offering VIP perks in return for a simple act of loyalty (a “like”) demonstrates that the UFC is committed to offering value to fans when, where and how they want to receive it. Most brands wouldn’t dare send fans to a social platform over their own official website for this kind of exclusive content. This is an investment unmatched by other pro sports leagues and it’s precisely why the UFC ranks second behind the NBA in total Facebook “likes.”

The type of connection a “like” garners is far more dedicated than that of Facebook users who casually browse pages. According to Facebook, “The average “liker” has 2.4x the amount of friends than that of a typical Facebook user. They are also more interested in exploring content they discover on Facebook — they click on 5.3x more links to external sites than the typical Facebook user.”

The prelim fights will live stream on Facebook from 8 – 8:59 pm followed by the main event airing free on Spike TV at 9 pm. To learn more about the free live stream, main event and accompanying auction for men and women in the United States Armed Forces, visit http://www.fightforthetroops.com.


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